Despite everything that has been thrown at us this year the local property market has remained very resilient.

The government raised the rate of stamp duty on additional properties by 3%, with effect from April 2016, which has clearly dampened the enthusiasm of some buy to let investors and caused a slight slow down in activity in that sector. Despite this adding around £2,000 to £3,000 to the purchase costs of a typical investment property strong demand from tenants and low mortgage rates means that buying to let remains a good long term investment for experienced and committed landlords.

Fears of a post “Brexit” meltdown have proved unjustified in most quarters, so far, and for both buyers and sellers locally it seems to be business as usual. Interestingly we did see a dip in activity during the Euro’s, perhaps as a result of 10,000+ home team fans being in France rather than at home making plans to move, but this quickly recovered in late June and into July.

A resurgence in New Builds has introduced a much broader choice of homes to potential buyers and the design and quality of many of these new developments set them apart as highly desirable places to live. From Portaferry to Bangor there is a wide variety of New Developments either progressing or coming on stream bringing much needed employment to the building trades and regeneration to local areas.

Grant Estate Agents continue to focus on the needs of our clients, both vendors and buyers. Our comprehensive marketing approach still leads the way with 3D floor plans, high quality images, including high level drone photography or professionally voiced video if required, the widest range of Internet marketing, using both local and national property portals and social media, all combining to ensure that your property stands out from the crowd and secures maximum interest and offers. Our experienced team follow up every viewing or enquiry and our trained negotiators ensure that we strike the right deal when it comes to the final price achieved.

As always there are new entrants to the Estate Agency market almost every month - it seems anyone with a digital camera and access to a computer thinks they can do it better or cheaper than the existing agents. A word of caution though - local agents fees are generally very competitive and rarely as high as some online agents suggest. Local knowledge, presence, stock and experience are still exceptionally important to achieving the best price when your selling such an important asset. At best you might save a few £100 on your agents fees but you could lose £1,000’s if you fail to achieve best price.

Of course some established agents could be accused of resting on their laurels and “always doing what they always did” but the property selling world has evolved so you need an agent who is utilising all of the latest tools, techniques and technology to your advantage - an agent who is hungry and driven to secure your sale, not just win the listing.

With a free market valuation, nothing to pay up front, a comprehensive sales package and an appetite for success - “When it’s time to sell, get it Granted”.